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Circle Singers presents its Member Profile. Here periodically we will present some inside "scoop" on the life and times of one of our members. We hope to accomplish two things: First, to give a more human picture of the chorus by showing some of the neat people who participate; Second, to improve personal awareness within the group since we come from such disparate areas of greater Cincinnati.

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Mary Haglage

Mary Haglage, Alto
May, 2013

If you happen to be one of the thousands of folks who have attended and enjoyed a Circle Singer Concert, you might not have noticed Mary. Some of the Circle Singers draw more focus and tend to stand out during performances. Mary is not in that category. However.. although somewhat laid back in demeanor, Mary Haglage is, in fact, one of the most experienced and talented members of the Chorus.

Mary has always enjoyed music. Born and raised in her hometown of Dearborn Michigan, she took piano lessons starting at age 4. As it turns out, her music talents may be in her genes. Mary’s aunt was a professional piano teacher who graduated from a Detroit Conservatory. As in life, what goes around comes around. Among Mary’s current activities is providing “one on one” piano lessons to a 90 year old retired pediatrician.

Mary earned her BA in education from the University of Detroit. As a teacher she has taught in the inner cities of both Detroit and Dayton. Mary and her husband Ted have been married for 45 years and are the proud parents of 6 children, and grandparents of 10. Mary and her husband enjoy travel. In the past they have visited Hawaii, Paris and London. Now of course, they enjoy visiting with their children who live in among other places, NYC, Chicago and Charleston (SC).

Mary’s hobbies include bridge and various volunteer efforts. But…music, be it piano or choral groups is clearly her favorite hobby. Her choral experience started in her college years. Currently she is singing with the Mason chorale (with for over 11 years tenure - including a stint as the music librarian), the Sharonville Chorus and of course, the Circle Singers. According to Mary, her most memorable experiences as a singer were: singing as part of a duet with the Mason Chorale, singing solo with the Sharonville Chorus and singing The National Anthem with the Circle Singers at a Reds Game.

As an upbeat and enthusiastic member of our group, the Circle Singers are proud to have Mary Haglage. Her noteworthy choral experience and outstanding vocal skills provide strong contribution to the overall success of the Circle Singers.

I’ll bet just watching her enjoying singing will make you smile.

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