Circle Singers Performance Venues and Schedule

We're Coming Back!

After a long, long 18 month pause in performance to avoid catching or passing the COVID virus, we are preparing to start performing again. All our members are vaccinated. We will be observing all safety precautions to protect ourselves and our audiences. Please join us.

Circle Singers performs at a variety of venues. The list below gives you a sampling. We have posted our schedule of upcoming events for your convenience. We are presently seeking bookings for upcoming dates. Our rates are reasonable, so give us a try.

Call us for details at (513) 677-2037, (513) 519-1838

Performance Venues

Circle Singers file into Great American Ballpark to sing National Anthem
Circle Singers file into Great American Ballpark to sing the National Anthem

We are currently scheduling bookings for upcoming dates.
For booking information call:
(513) 677-2037 or (513) 519-1838
or e-mail us.