Circle Singers has performed in many different venues over the years. This album includes samples of past performances for your review.


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Most Circle Singers photos were taken by one of our members, Barry Hood, of:
BLH Photography Services
7744 Wethersfield Drive
West Chester, OH 45069
(513) 860-2879

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Circle Singers Picture Gallery

Cottingham 2018

Brookdale at Long Cove

Pointe Retirement Center 


Seasons 2015

Bill Osborne at Sem


Tenors at Sem Terrace

Sopranos & Altos at Sem


Basses at Sem Terrace

Great American Ball Park

Twin Towers 1

Twin Towers 2

Bill Osborne

CS Sopranos

CS Altos

CS Tenors

CS Basses

Hava Nagila "Rocks"

Twin Towers 3

Sem Terrace

The Seasons

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